Yankee Candle Current and Discontinued Scent List

This page lists Yankee Candle scents, past and present. We've attempted to make the list as comprehensive as possible, but we know that there are always more additions and updates to be made, with the steady introduction of new scents and discontinuation of others. If you know of a scent that you don't see on the list, please let us know and we'll add it as soon as possible! Also let us know if you see errors. We try and do the best we can to be as accurate as possible, but we know that errors will still occur.

How to use the chart: Each scent name is a link that will take you to the eBay search results for that scent. Some of the more rare scents may not have any results when you check, but you might get lucky and hit the motherload!

If a scent has an "R" beside its name, this means that it is retired. An "LE" means that it was advertised as a limited edition product. If the scent was in a known collection, then the collection name will be beside the scent, linked to eBay results for that collection name. And, if we've created an entry on Bath and Body Collector for the scent, there will be a "Details" link to the entry on our site.

R = Retired scent
LE = Limited Edition scent

Scent Name
More Information

A Royal Wedding  |  LE
Black Licorice  |  LE
Boo Nilla  |  LE
Cider Web  |  LE
Easter Egg Hunt  |  LE
Fig & Rose  R  |  LE
Leather  R
Lucky Shamrock  |  LE
Merlot  R  |  LE
Mum  R
Purr - Chouli  |  LE
Shiraz  R  |  LE
Snow Angels  R  |  LE
Song of Angels  R  |  LE
Spring Days  |  LE
Stars & Stripes  R  |  LE
Trick or Treat  R  |  LE
Tulips  R
Vintage Rose  R  |  LE
White Zinfandel  R  |  LE