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Michael Kors Very Hollywood Fragrance

Michael Kors Very Hollywood — the bottle alone will make you feel like you’re living the jetset lifestyle of an international Hollywood starlet. The glitzy, blush-tone vessel contains a fragrance that is sweet, feminine, and floral with notes of mandarin, gardenia, bergamot, and finally vetiver, which gives the fragrance sensual, earthy undertones.
Very Hollywood is a [...]

Marc Jacobs Lola Women’s Fragrance

Marc Jacobs follows up on the success of the wildly popular Daisy fragrance with the new Lola fragrance. Lola is Daisy’s older sister, and what a lovely older sister she is. The warm floral scent is housed in a gorgeous bottle, featuring purple glass, gold rope detail on the neck, and a a fantastically creative [...]

Kat von D Sinner and Saint Women’s Fragrance

Kat von D follows up on the success of her fabulous makeup collection — love those eyeshadow palettes — with two new women’s fragrances. Sinner and Saint represent both the sultry and sweet sides of your personality, and you can purchase both and mix it up depending on how you’re feeling on a certain day. [...]

Aquolina Pink Sugar Fragrance

Aquolina’s Pink Sugar fragrance is truly a phenomenon. The sweet scent was launched in 2003 and became a bestseller almost instantly. Something about the perfume struck a chord with not only the youth market toward which it was geared, but women of all ages, who clamored after anything Pink Sugar-scented. It must be that cotton [...]

Harajuku Lovers Perfumes

I’m a sucker for cute, so I can’t help but love Gwen Stefani’s line of Harajuku Lovers fragrances. The scents are obviously geared toward a younger market and features fragrance notes such as “lollipop accord”, but the bottles are a must for cute addicts of all ages. You can collect all five, which include Love, [...]

Love and Luck Fragrances from Ed Hardy

The Love and Luck men’s and women’s fragrances from Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier sport some kickin’ packaging. The scents and the packaging are highly influenced by Japanese pop culture and certainly appeal to the hip youth market in Japan, but these influences have seeped into the US over the past couple of years, as [...]

Navy Perfume by Dana

Back in the days of old — you know, before the Bath and Body Works revolution — Navy by Dana was my favorite fragrance. While many of my other friends were dabbing on their Exclamation! and Love’s Baby Soft (I still have very fond memories of both of these scents, as well), I was rockin’ [...]

Britney Spear Perfumes

You may or may not be a fan of her music, and you’ve almost certainly heard about her personal struggles over the past couple of years. But no matter what your opinion of her, you can see that Britney Spears has amassed a stable of bestselling perfumes since she introduced her first fragrance, Curious, in [...]

Gucci Envy Me Perfume

I love the trend in high end brands toward exploration of modern pattern and design. Half of the reason that I tend to covet particular products is for the packaging! Sometimes, for me, a collectible item is simply a pretty, pretty bottle in a pretty, pretty box. So, I have to admit that I was [...]

Avon Bond Girl 007 Fragrance

Bond Girl 007, a fragrance created by Avon and inspired by the incomparable James Bond, is noteworthy for both its sophisticated and sensual scent and for the curvaceous, feminine (not to mention, collectible) bottle in which it is contained.
The fragrance features top notes of exotic orchid and white peach, with fresh orange blossoms and cashmere [...]