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Buying by the Lot : Mary Kay

Buying beauty and cosmetics products on eBay by the lot can be a great way to get your hands on a variety of items from your favorite brand. Mary Kay is one brand that’s very popular at the auction sites, and there are many lots to be found.
So, what’s in a lot? Contents of a [...]

Mary Kay Signature and Mineral Eye Shadow

Mary Kay is often associated with the, erm, older crowd. Pink Cadillacs and all that. But you really may be missing a great makeup source is you overlook the brand because you think it doesn’t carry products for the younger market.
In fact, Mary Kay eye shadows are quite popular in younger age groups for their [...]

Mary Kay Anti-Aging Timewise Skin Care

Mary Kay’s TimeWise line of anti-aging skin care products is very hot right now. The line includes a multitude of products, each focusing on improving a common age related issue, such as cellulite, undereye circles and puffiness, dehydration, aging caused by free radicals, and more. Highlights of the line include the TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set, the [...]