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MAC Style Warrior Collection

The Style Warrior collection from MAC Cosmetics, which launched this past May, exudes warmth and features so many perfect for summer shades. But don’t be afraid, because it’s not all about warm skin tones and bronzers. The collection includes lots of neutrals and bolder shades that will work on a variety of skin tones.
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MAC Cosmetics Brushes

Sometimes, you can have the highest end makeup possible — you know, the kind with the fancy key ingredients and 24 carat gold in the formulation — and find that it still doesn’t look that great when applied. Have you checked your brushes?
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MAC Pigments

MAC Pigments are considered the Holy Grail (HG) in eye makeup by many a makeup addict. Collecting pigments has been raised to the level of a fine art in some circles, and for good reason. These babies rock…and many favorites don’t hang out for long in the active MAC Cosmetics line. The depth of pigmentation [...]

MAC Cosmetics + Hello Kitty = Swoon

You think that Barbie Loves Stila has got it going on? My guess is that you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen the mad dash to pick up MAC’s forthcoming Hello Kitty collection, which launches in February 2009. The buzz about the Hello Kitty collection is crazy good, and it brings together both MAC Makeup [...]

Barbie Loves MAC

Sure, Barbie may love Stila now, but last year she was all about MAC Cosmetics. You can still find many of the limited edition items from this super popular 2007 Barbie Loves MAC makeup collection at auction, including Real Doll Lipstick, beauty powders, lipglass, eyeshadows, posters, and even the MAC Barbie doll.
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MAC Dame Edna Collection, Winter 2008

MAC went in a rather unexpected direction with the Dame Edna makeup collection, finding a muse in the British cross-dressing comedienne, collection namesake Dame Edna. But, with its purple packaging, featuring a red pair of Dame Edna’s trademark spectacles, the collection is full of bright color and really looks like a lot of fun.
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