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Yankee Candle Sweet Potato Pie

With notes of warm vanilla, marshmallow, and nutmeg, this delectable Thanksgiving scent from Yankee Candle smells just like the real thing.

Yankee Candle Cranberry Sauce

It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the tart and tangy sweet jellied cranberry sauce. A great autumn and holiday scent!

Yankee Candle Turkey & Stuffing

Yankee Candle stepped outside the box to create their take on a mouth-watering holiday tradition. The scent of plump, butter-basted turkey and savory stuffing filled with celery, carrots, and herbs.

Yankee Candle Crisp Apple Strudel

Yankee Candle’s Crisp Apple Strudel scent will have your house guests wondering what wonderful and warm apple dessert you have baking in the oven.

Bath & Body Works Beach Cabana

Beach Cabana is a summery home fragrance by Slatkin & Co. for Bath & Body Works. Relax in the cool shade with sweet jasmine, orange blossom, and a hint of musk.

Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie

Yankee Candle’s Christmas Cookie scent is wonderful for holiday time, or actually any time of the year if you enjoy bakery scents. The buttery rich, vanilla scented holiday sugar cookie aroma will make people think that you’re baking cookies anytime, even if you haven’t turned on your oven. A very popular scent for Christmas.
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