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Lancome Bi Facil Eye Makeup Remover

With all of the stay put, long lasting, water-resistant, and waterproof eye makeup on the market today, it can be a rather difficult undertaking when you’re ready for eye makeup removal. Everything wants to stay on your eyes, so with lesser eye makeup removers (or none at all), you might have to scrub and scrub [...]

Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate

Lancome recently launched a new anti-aging product called Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate. Genifique ushers in what will undoubtedly be a huge trend in “smart” skin care that works by giving your skin cells a nudge in the right direction and, if the the buzz on Genifique is any indicator, then we will be seeing many [...]

Lancome Renergie Eye Lift vs. High Resolution Collaser 5X

It can be frustrating, not to mention confusing, when a cosmetics company replaces a favorite product with a new one. Much of the time, they just stick a new name and label onto the same product, but sometimes the company just does away with your perfect foundation color or night cream and forces you to [...]

Lancome Absolue Anti Aging Skincare

Lancome’s high end Absolue line is based around the breakthrough technology provided in the highly concentrated and powerful anti-aging molecule, Pro-Xylane, a sugar derivative that mimics xylose, a naturally occuring sugar found in the skin. Pro-Xylane helps to boost moisture in the skin and to penetrate and deeply rejuvinate.
Products in the Absolue line also contain [...]