Buying by the Lot : Mary Kay

March 9th, 2009

Buying beauty and cosmetics products on eBay by the lot can be a great way to get your hands on a variety of items from your favorite brand. Mary Kay is one brand that's very popular at the auction sites, and there are many lots to be found.

So, what's in a lot? Contents of a cosmetics lot can vary widely, and here are the typical types of product mixes that you can find in lots of Mary Kay products:

1. Multiples of the Same Product : These types of lots can be great because the products may be customer favorites, harder to find items, or items that will soon be or have recently been discontinued. Buying multiples allows you to stock up on products that you may not be able to find anymore from the actual manufacturer.

2. Sample Lots : Sample lots are perfect if you want to try specific products without paying for a full size up front or if you travel often and don't have room to pack full sized products. Some sample lots offer multiples of the same product, while others offer samples or trial sizes of a variety of different products.

3. "Kitchen Sink" Lots : You can often find great deals on these types of lots, which offer a number of different products and can be smaller (6 products or less) or quite large (entire inventory liquidations). You can also find some great deals, especially on larger lots, which are often priced to sell. Maybe someone is a collector and has decided to do a little "spring cleaning" to clear up space for new purchases, or in the case of Mary Kay, perhaps someone is reducing their on hand inventory and has listed everything in one large lot? These types of lots often contain harder to find or even discontinued products that can be a real find.

At the time of this post, there are 3,611 Mary Kay lots listed on eBay, and all types of the aforementioned lots are represented. Explore around to see what goodies you can find!

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